Week One Session

Hi Team

It was great to meet with you last night and I hope that we can build our own network to the benefit of everyone in the course.  Thank you for being so open and sharing your stories.  On reflection I will be changing some of the content to reflect your needs as I go so please feel free to read ahead but be aware that I might drop in new materials and readings in an attempt to relate directly to your context.

I found that I did not have PollEverywhere (the App) open and hence their reluctance to open.  Live and learn.

I have put the recordings up on the Study desk .  There is an audio and a video.  They are password protected and will only put these passwords on study desk as this website it a public site.

The links will expire on 09-11-2017 and will become unavailable for download after this date.


2 thoughts on “Week One Session

  1. Keturah

    Hi Chris and everyone
    I just want to let you know that there may have been a problem with the recording of the first zoom meeting – or I did something wrong when watching?: audio from other students was not there during most of the middle of the recording, this is for both the video and the audio recordings, and the video did not show the chats either. Some audio from students kicked back in towards the end.

    I’ll be interested to hear if others experienced the same problem.
    Also, of the zoom day choices the only session I can make is Monday at 7 (except this next one week 2, sorry I can’t be there). However it’s probably not the best day in terms of getting readings done in time to participate, what do others think?



    1. danno1965 Post author

      Hi Keturah
      Thanks for the heads up on the Zoom. I had a few others have this problem in another course and One updated their system and it seemed to fix the problem. I am not sure if it was a Plug in issue or if it is a Zoom issue. My view of the file seemed OK. Let me know if it fails again and I will try to get your the file via some other means.



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