“Submitting” assignments via your blog and BIM

For both the second part of Assignment 1 and Assignment 2, you will be submitting your assignments by writing blog posts. This page offers an overview of how you will do this, how you will know it’s been “submitted”, and how you will view the marker’s judgement about your posts.

1. Write your blog post

The first step is to write your blog post. While it’s possible to do much of the writing within your blog, you may find it easier to develop the final version of your post in a tool like Word or your preferred word processor.

Once you are happy with the content of your post, write and publish a new blob post with that content.

The title of the blog post should match the title recommended on the Assessment page. For example, the proposal for Assignment 2 should be titled “My DBR Proposal”.

Important: You should not publish your blog post until you are confident that it is the final version. Don’t publish the post while it is in a draft stage.

2. It is mirrored by the Study Desk

Within an hour or so the Study Desk will take a copy of your post and store it on the Study Desk. This is the copy that will be marked.

Once the copy is taken by the Study Desk, it will ignore any changes you make to the post on your blog. Hence, why you need to make sure you only publish complete and final posts.

You can check which blog posts the Study Desk has mirrored by using the same link you used (link valid for 2015 offering) to register your blog on the Study Desk. When you visit the link you should see something like the following image (click on the image below to see a larger version).


There are two main sections on the page shown above

  1. Student Details; and,
    Provides some basic details and statistics about you, your blog, and the number of posts you’ve published.
  2. All posts.
    This is a list of all the posts the Study Desk has mirrored from your blog. Each post will be listed and will include a Status. In the image above there are only two types of status

    1. Not allocated to a prompt; and,
    2. Allocated to a prompt.

3. Check out the prompts

The prompts are specific “questions” that you are expected to respond to. Your responses to these prompts will be manually marked. The prompts for this course are written to align with the two assignments.

You can view the current prompts by clicking on the “a range of prompts” link that appears at the very top of the page (see the image above). If you click on this link, you should see something like the following image.


There are four prompts for this course. Three for Assignment 1 and one for Assignment 2. These prompts should match the titles outlined in the assignments and you should use these prompts as the title for your posts that respond to these prompts. If you do, the system will automatically allocate your post to the appropriate prompt.

The first image above shows this. My post titled “How NGL can inform my role as teacher” has been allocated to the prompt “How NGL can inform my role as teacher”.

4. Your responses are marked

Eventually I will mark your response to the prompts. Once I have marked a response you will see a change in the details about your blog on the Study Desk to match the following image. At this stage, you will not be able to see your mark or any comments.


The changes will be minor, but will include

  • In “Student Details” the “# Marked” will increase.
    In the above image it shows as 1.
  • The Status of the marked post will change.
    Look at the above image and at the status for my post “How NGL can inform my role as teacher”. Can you see how the Status now includes “(marked but not released)”?

5. Your responses are released

After appropriate moderation I will release the marking of your response. This means you will be able to see the mark and any comments. It should look something like the following image.

In this course, I will normally also send you an email letting you know that marking has been released.


You should see a number of changes int he Student Details, including:

  • # Released is now 1.
  • Progress result is now showing 7.5 of 30.

There will also be a new section titled “Marks and comments for released posts” that will show the marks and comments (surprise that).

Lastly, the Status in the “All posts” will also indicate release.